Secure-Me-Guide Subscription is cheap way to put an agency on your side to protect you, and guide you towards successful growth in your business. We will guide and take your digital issue as our own, and nature your ways up in the digital space.

Benefits Of secure-Me-Guide

  • Free Consultation On WordPress and Joomla C.M.S (This includes technical difficulties fix, Recommendation, solution)
  • Exclusive Notification on any of our free Digital downloads and services
  • Expat Service Support and discounts ( This entitle you to our services either for free or discounted as a subscriber to S-M-G)
  • Priority Support/booking ( Get access too high priority customer support service and booking consultation

This an opportunity for everyone who feels the digital space is lacking mutual connection to support the digital growth, pay attention and prioritized their digital difficulties.


What will i receive after subscription

Ans: we will send you an exclusive support ID. which will request when communicating with you

Can i cancel my subscription any time?

Ans: Yes you can

Can i renew my plan after Cancellation

Ans:No you cannot renew your subscription plan after cancellation, and we will charge the exact amount we charge for regular clients

Do you offer 24/7 hrs Customer support?

Ans: No, But we plan on initiating that, very soon

How may hours can i get support attention of my issue?

ANs: We will not mark time whe communicating with you

Can i ask questions about scaling, woordpress, Adsense, how to make money from bloging, how to start and grow a YouTube?

ANS: Yes, You can ask any questions related to our niech or services and we willwe will give you answers, support assistance, to solution.

Is This Subscription Accessible by everyone or anyone?

Ans: No, it is not accessible to the general audience, but to an exclusive audience that need digital and technical support by an expat in digital marketing agency services

Are you ready to have an expat by your side, by paying a cheap subscription that is affordable for you?

Choose your Preferred Plan below:

13/mon 39/3month 150/year

1$ test

test 1 $ a day